Fierce Monsters exist for love and empowerment. Beyond just “cute.”

Monster Creation Myth

Fierce Monsters exist to support courageous acts, provide comfort in difficult times and remind us of our inner strengths.

They say you give gifts that you want to receive. Gifts that speak to a void in your own life. The idea for FierceMonsters came from my own need to find an inner fierceness. My wife of 28 years decided her life would be better without me and divorce shattered me. I needed something to wail and cry into. I needed something aligned with a faint inner voice that kept insisting that I heal and rise. Monsters, unlike teddy bears, align with the fierce badass part of you.

First came the Monster Manifesto, all the ideas and emotions, I wanted FierceMonsters to embody. I was taking an Ecommerce class where everyone had to bring their product to be photographed. All I had was a small stuffed heart with embroidery simulating a mended heart. Everyone had completed products to sell. I had the belief FierceMonsters could help broken hearts.

I started with a borrowed sewing machine, a single spool of thread and some loaned pinking shears. Friends brought me thread, fabric, scissors, handcrafted felt, polyfil, embroidery floss and craft books. The first monsters all came into the physical world because others thought they were a good idea.