Fierce Monsters exist for love and empowerment. Beyond just “cute.”

Anti-Trump Monster

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Anti-Trump Monster

15"H of upcycled velour, new polyfil and handcrafted with vintage buttons and embroidery floss.

Bring home a Fierce Monster to support your continued resistance. This stuffed monster is an empowerment tool that exists to love and support.

 The dark plush monster came from that deep wordless place when you realized the world, your environment, the whole zeitgeist is much, much, much worse than you were expecting or thought you were prepared for.

This monster came to be after the Trump election and knows the Trump Resistance.

 When you first open the box to meet your monster, you will find this comfort plushie ready to greet you:

* "Hello, you are a badass, don't be sad, you got this and I love you." *

 When truth, justice, and basic goodness seem far away; when you need a minute, a hug or a reminder of the grandest vision of yourself:

* Your monster is there to love on you. Fiercely, the way you deserve.*

 Monsters are able to deflect negative self-talk and self-doubt. It is their superpower.

They do not give up and exist to help you remain strong and fierce in the face of struggles (and everyday life).