Fierce Monsters exist for love and empowerment. Beyond just “cute.”

Divorce Monster

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Divorce Monster Wisdom

15"h of fleece and polyfil handcrafted with felt and embroidery thread.

This monster has loved and lost and experienced the full range of emotions from divorce. Actually, there was some time of lying on the couch staring out the window and pondering the chocolate ice cream in the freezer. Yeah, all Monsters do chocolate. Unless you plan on retiring to the couch or eating your weight in ice cream you need some fierceness. This monster has gone forward and will love you fiercely as you go forward. You cannot go through a divorce without fierceness. Or love. 

When you first open the box to meet your monster, you will find this companion ready to greet you:

* "Hello, you are a badass, don't be sad, you got this and I love you." *

Sometimes the stuff life throws at you can be heavy. When you need a minute, a hug or a reminder of the grandest vision of yourself.

* Your monster is there to love on you. Fiercely, the way you deserve.*

Monsters are able to deflect negative self-talk. It is their superpower.

They do not give up and exist to help you remain strong and fierce in the face of struggles (and everyday life).

Monsters are about wholeness and coming home to self.