Fierce Monsters exist for love and empowerment. Beyond just “cute.”

Health Monster

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gift for encouragement
gift for sick friend
gift for illness
comfort for sick friend
comfort and encouragement for illness
encouragement for chronic illness

Health Monster Wisdom

15"H of fleece and polyfil handcrafted with vintage buttons and embroidery floss.

This monster is available for anyone needing some fierce monster encouragement. The monster knows it is hard to be sick. Hard to stay positive and hard to deal with the hateful messages that want to take up residence in your mind.

Those ugly voices that whisper unkind messages (repeatedly):

This is your own fault;

you should have taken better care of yourself

People need you; work needs you; stop malingering

You have nothing to complain about;

other people have it worse.

You should handle this with more grace.

Being scared, depressed and unhappy is reasonable.

Nothing wonderful will happen now that you’re sick.

Your monster told me those voices are “full of sh*t and dirty rotten liars” (sometimes Monsters have salty language). This health monster is able to defeat any and all negative self-talk. It is the fierce monster super power.

Just pick up this monster and hear the purring:

You are succeeding at life. Oh yes, you are!

Sometimes biological creatures get sick or broken:

it doesn’t make them bad.

Your process is your process. Perfection is a myth.

You deserve comfort.

Your smile lights up a room.

Your mind is a treasure.

You are more than enough.

AND you are doing an amazing job at life.

You are worthy of love and belonging just the way you are.

Whenever those hateful voices come calling just tell them you have a Fierce Monster and are not afraid to use it.